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40 minute session of Physiotherapy assessment and treatments aswell as a detailed exercise plan. 


Deep Tissue 

60 / 90  minute session of relaxing muscle release using various massage techniques.


Home visits

Private home visits for either Physio sessions or massage.



60 minute session that looks at a full body assessment of your muscles strength, flexibility, balance and functionality. It results in an individual  exercise programme designed specifically for you based on your report.

Therapy Sessions

Pilates class 
Please enquire for additional information

Our Approach

Our approach at Clifton Pure Physio is not only to get you better, but to educate and strengthen so that you can prevent further re-injury.

The reason why Clifton Pure Physio was created was because the owner Siofra Fogarty, was getting frustrated after many years in private practice. The sessions were limited to 20 / 30 minutes with the emphasis on a quick fix. The same clients were returning with similar injuries again and again. When time is taken to look at the bigger picture, i.e. what has caused the problem, how can we prevent further re-injury, compensatory factors, and explained to the client so they have a better understanding of their injury it has a more lasting effect. Our goal at Clifton Pure Physio is to empower the client with knowledge to help themselves with exercises and techniques when things flare up.  

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Clifton Pure Physio
Head Physiotherapist 

Siofra graduated as a physiotherapist from Trinity College Dublin. Several years later she completed a postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Exercise. She has worked in New Zealand, Australia, England Ireland and Spain in musculoskeletal based private practices.


Her main area of focus is musculoskeletal issues such as sports injuries, women's health issues and back pain.


Siofra is certified in dry needling and an APPI  pilates instructor.  She is also trained in the

“McKenzie Method” for assessing and treating back pain. Siofra also uses various other treatment techniques such as soft tissue massage, myofascial release, joint mobilisations, manipulations and taping.

Getting Help

"Knowledge is power".

Please see below for information on these common issue. 


Lower Back Pain


Sport injuries


Womens Health



Shoulder instability

Síofra is amazing. I booked in for a deep tissue massage and a dry needling session and I felt fantastic after it. She makes you feel comfortable and truely cares about helping you feel your best - you won't regret booking a treatment.

Catie Pauley

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