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Our Approach

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Our approach at Clifton Pure Physio is not only to get you better, but to educate and strengthen so that you can prevent further re-injury.

The reason why Clifton Pure Physio was created was because the owner Siofra Fogarty, was getting frustrated after many years in private practice. The sessions were limited to 20 / 30 minutes with the emphasis on a quick fix. The same clients were returning with similar injuries again and again.


When time is taken to look at the bigger picture, i.e. what has caused the problem, how can we prevent further re-injury, compensatory factors, and explained to the client so they have a better understanding of their injury it has a more lasting effect.


Our goal at Clifton Pure Physio is to empower the client with knowledge to help themselves with exercises and techniques when things flare up.  

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